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Live from suburban St. Louis…it’s the 2008 Vice Presidential debate

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8:58 – I think the last time I was remotely interested in a veep debate as anything other than background was in 1984.  Aside from the obvious, there’s really no comparison.

MSNBC is being weird about their coverage, so for tivo purposes, we’re watching CNN.

9:01 – here we go…

9:03 – CNN ticker is interesting…looks like Palin is taking her facial cues from her running mate

Gee, it took all of 2 seconds for Palin to talk about being a soccer mom.  You betcha.

9:06 – good look to Biden with “People in the senate”…but the attack doesn’t seem to go over well…

9:08 – economy = workforce?  Did she really just wink?  Who the hell sent her out there with her hair in her eyes?

9:09 – go Gwen, but if you really think you are going to keep them on topic, you are in for a loooong night.

Darn right it was the predator lenders…she is doing better than I’d have expected – there is a lot of debate left to be played…

I wonder if her hair is so firmly behind her ears to try to show she couldn’t be wearing a wire?

9:12 – The undecideds don’t like the practical answer from Biden.

9:13 – Interesting use of first name, Sarah. Good press on 400+ tax increase votes, there.  She is obsessed with the taxes.

9:14 – she’s already going after Gwen Ifel.  She may not answer the questions the way that doesn’t fit with her canned soundbite.  She’s going to say the word TAXES as many times as she can. :P

9:15 – Biden on taxes – middle class tax cuts – this is for you, not corporate America.

9:17 – “redistribution of wealth” = socialism for Palin.  She’s middle class?  That house of theirs would be 2.5 million here.  Ooh, free market regulation worked so well with the banking and mortgage industry.  $5000 credit is nothing if you’re buying healthcare on the open market.  Have they looked at a hospital bill recently.

9:20 – the voter reaction ticker is irking me.

9:22 – Not paying taxes is not patriotic?

9:23 – She is starting to fall apart…bless her heart.

9:24 – To be fair, both of them are pretty much ignoring Gwen.

9:26 – I cannot even follow her and we’re what, 27 minutes in?  We have John McCain to thank for what?  A toxic mess on main street is affecting wall street?  Is she really trying to blame average Americans?   I think she means the other way around.

9:29 – Why is she back on energy?  Independent Ohio voters are not happy…but she brought it around to oil drilling – good save.

9:30 – Sooo…as the only Arctic state, climate is changing and I’m not going to think about the causes (because heaven’s forfend we acknowledge human responsibilities)…we need to reduce carbon emissions by increasing oil production?  Maybe patriotic oil has no carbon emissions…kind of like how eating standing up has no calories.

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October 3, 2008 at 1:02 am

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Watch this space…

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I have every intention of blogging the debate tonight.  It might be slightly time-delayed, because of family stuff and I’m guessing that there will also be several instances of “run that back a little, did she really say that?”

In the meantime, fine yourself a good debate drinking game or, if you’d like to avoid a massive hangover, try some bingo.

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October 2, 2008 at 12:49 pm

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