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Live from Nashville…POTUS scrum part 2

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Alas, I am on about a 4-5 minute time delay tonight, which is going to make timestamping a little difficult.
First impressions – Obama looks boring and has caved to the flag-pin mafia.  McCain is well served by a podium and needs a tie that looks like it was made in this millennium.

As for the actual debate…

…Wow.  It took McCain all of 5 words to get to energy independence.  Which is somehow going to bail out retirees?  He’s managing to stuff half the republican platform into one answer.

I sort of wish I was watching CNN with its independent Ohio voters.

Gee…McCain is not going to appoint Tom Brokaw to be Treasury Secretary…there’s a newsflash.  But, the head of eBay?  I guess it has Palin’s endorsement.  I’m surprised he didn’t try to attack Warren Buffet – he did take some of Obama’s wind there, I suppose.

And now Tom’s testy.  You will answer questions the way I want you to, gentlemen.

Aw…McCain “suspended” his campaign.
Would reasonably informed people really have never heard of Freddie and Fannie? Really?  Am I just too entrenched in DC?
He is really hitting the buzzwords, eh?

Obama is actually hitting back at the FM attacks.  Finally.

And McCain just totally dodged the question of whether it is going to get worse before it gets better.

I’m wondering whether this fixation on Bush really going to serve Obama as well as he wants it to.
I’m hoping the meme about Obama actually being the most liberal senator falls flat.  And, that’s what planetarium projectors cost, dumbass.

This is all starting to run together.  Please, let McCain disintegrate in some spectacular manner.  PLEASE!!!


“Some of you might remember 9-11″…nice one.  Shopping doesn’t equal leadership?  Damn.  I’ve been doing it wrong.

Wow.  Well, at least McCain is familiar with some Supreme Court jurisprudence…but Obama’s tax cuts like nailing a jellyfish to a wall…not quite porn, sorry.

How the hell does McCain plan to actually pay for all of his platform without raising taxes on anyone at all?  Obama is being rational – if we can’t afford it, we don’t cut.  And the people who can best afford it, pay more.  Why is this so hard to understand?

…the straight talk express lost a wheel.  Good one.  And now we get the real deal from Obama.  If only people will listen…

Oh god, please do not say that we should privatize social security…well, actually, please do.  Damn.  Evidently the solution to social security is to exhume Ronald Reagan?  And to distort our opponent’s record.

Tom, just give it up.  They are never going to follow the rules.

So…McCain is against safe nuclear power?  He wants the regular old unsafe nuclear power?  My brain cannot parse…

Oh snap!  Obama pwns McCain on the congressional energy record.  “Drill baby drill” is not the answer…I wish he’d said that instead of just implying it.

TOM – Give it up.
JOHN – Stop it with the “my friends” crap.  Just stop.
BARAK – The smug amused look cracks me up, but I suspect it is not working on the undecideds.

Ah, healthcare.  Obama says what I expect him to say…he’s going a little more on offense today, but is not blowing me out of the water.

McCain wants online health records to reduce “errors as they call them”…what?  Are the trial attorneys backing him or something.  It’s called malpractice and can be a question of life or death.
I think he is baldface lying about Obama’s supposed fees, but I have to fact check it.
I’m sure Obama will be personally hunting down every U.S. resident with no healthcare.


Woah…was that a little dig at Arizona’s healthcare regulations?  And here’s Tom interrupting Obama again.  And…McCain buts in “But before we leave that, did we hear the size of the fine?”  Wow.  And, Brokaw lets him get away with it.  But, you know that liberal media, skewering the republicans.

America is the greatest force for good in the world…we keep the peace by shedding blood?  Good golly…lets all slit our wrists!  Evidently Obama was wrong about Russia by agreeing with almost every diplomatic leader?

Obama admits that he doesn’t understand…the GOP cuts tape here.  Too bad, because it’s a good overall answer.  At least he hasn’t agreed with him yet.

Ooh, we’re back to Doctrines…thanks to that Palin interview, it’s the new thing.  All the cool kids are doing it.
Can’t Angelina Jolie just take care of Darfur?
I have to admit, I just got totally lost on the Obama Doctrine.
The McCain Doctrine is…Cool Hand Luke?  I’ve heard “peacemaker” too many times and now I have Simon & Garfunkel’s “Benediction” going through my head.  It’s kind of discordant given the circumstance.  And, thus meaning I have no idea about the McCain doctrine either.

So, what is McCain going to say about Obama’s answer…ah, he’s going to harp on that whole being open about attacking Pakistan…which is different from Sarah Palin how?

Uh…what support of the people in Iraq?  It would have been great if we’d actually DONE that, but we’ve not been fighting Saddam for the past how many years?  Who are the insurgents if not “the people”?  Despite his early hopes, not only was the war not quick, but we were not greeted as liberators.  John, no amount of wishful thinking and nasty rhetoric changes the fact that you were wrong.

…”As I have acted responsibly throughout my military career”…what?  What?  Dude, you haven’t been in the military in 30 years and when you were, you FAILED.  FAILED.  Really, it’s not that impressive.

Wow.  He just acknowledged that Obama actually is right about something.  McCain is obsessed with this surge.

And, McCain just trotted out the “looked into Putin’s eyes and saw K.G.B.”  Dude, you said that already.

“Part of the job of the commander in chief is keeping all of you safe” – nice line.  Nice acknowledgement of the fact that the job is about safety and security, not ego.

Does Russia even really qualify as an empire right now?

And, now we move to Israel…and McCain gets touchy feely with the Navy guy. 
“Of course we would not wait for the security counsel.”  What would the Israelis do?  And we’re back to the meeting with Iran thing.
Am I the only one who thinks that while absolutely tragic, the destruction of Israel is not the same as the Nazi holocaust?  (Godwin took a lot longer this time, though.)  Genocide, yes.  So is Darfur.

Obama, however, never seemed to quite answer the question.

“What don’t you know and how might you learn it?”  This would be the Achilles heel question.
I am not sure that talking about the diminishing of the American Dream is really a winner.  I like the “it’s not what you expect, but what you don’t that takes us your time”.

And McCain dodges by not actually talking about himself.  “What I don’t know is what none of us know and what is essentially unknowable.”  But everything else – I know it all.  There is nothing I don’t know.  And he brings it around to the country first slogan.

And the candidates block the teleprompter.  That may be the best part of the whole debate. 

And we have schmooze.  Good night and good luck and all that.


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October 8, 2008 at 1:22 am

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  1. Em, this is giving me a goddamn coronary.


    October 8, 2008 at 2:11 am

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