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Some quick thoughts about the DNC

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August has sucked.  I’ve several posts shaking around in my head and absolutely no time, but before these thoughts are completely irrelevant, I figured I’d throw them out here.

Clinton rocked the house last night.  I alternated between proud and excited and sad that she came so close.  She hit all the right notes and (hopefully) effectively closed the book on the whole “Clinton Loyalist” bs.  A vote for Obama is a vote with Clinton – she hammered that home.  Keep going, keep going, etc.  If the media has any say, they will milk it for a while yet, but here’s hoping we can forget that one for a while.

One thing that struck me on a larger level, that has nothing to do with Clinton and everything to do with our totally wacked out culture – it is perfectly acceptable to talk about trailblazing as a woman.  Thousands of people were moved almost to tears when Clinton tied into the intro video with the line about her mother being born before women had the vote and her daughter getting to vote for her mother.  (As an aside, I loved Bill being identified as “Hillary’s Husband” in the vid and his mouthing “I love you, I love you” as she spoke – he looked so damn proud of her in the exact same way that political wives look whenever the camera shows them during their husband’s speeches.)  Feminists may get shot down when they try to call out privilege, but at least we can talk about it.

OTOH, race still seems to be the elephant in the room, even at Obama’s convention.  As noted by The Rude Pundit, Michelle Obama never once really spoke about race, even though her entire speech was designed to – as seen on The Daily Show – turn her from the New Yorker black panther caricature into Laura Bush.  No one that I’ve seen so far is talking – on stage – about how amazing flipping historical it is that a black man is the Democratic nominee.  I don’t for one minute believe that it’s because the U.S. has conquered racism.  Jeffrey Weisberg at Slate has the measure there

If anything, the fact that no one has yet gotten up on that stage and talked about how it was almost unimaginable when Martin Luther King, Jr. was marching in Chicago that one day a black man would be a frontrunner for President.  Pundits, bloggers, writers – sure.  But it has not been a theme of the convention.  And it should be.  It should be just as much of a theme as gender would have been if Clinton had a million more cracks in the glass ceiling.  The fact that it’s not says volumes about the United States in 2008, and none of it is very positive.


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August 27, 2008 at 1:54 pm